Welcome to the Art of Logic

Since 1999 Art of Logic has independently performed numerous tech & computer projects around the Gold Country of California- and the world after many years in the tech industry
Mostly it’s behind the scenes for home office users, not-for-profit and small office businesses, plus schools, sole proprietors and many individuals of all ages.

the Art of Logic Logo
That’s the Art of the Logic!

We don’t have retail or office premises- It’s all virtual, making Art of Logic extremely versatile for support and consulting. 
We tend to concentrate on specialized and custom issues rather than mainstream commercial work.

Past & present clients have included Nevada County, SBA, KVMR, OddFellows, Nevada County Land Trust, the North Star House and many more.
Also possibly your grandmother and certainly our neighbors.

We are  a sole proprietorship with acolytes  and early practitioners of remote office working  going back to the Nevada County Community Network (NCCN.NET) systems engineers, Nevada County’s first dial up internet service provider and a not-for-profit that had  well over 2,000 customers,

We have been a  sole proprietors  for almost 30 years so understand some of the issues of small scale businesses, as that’s what we are  too.
Also we  love to share ingenuities so have  been show presenters & broadcasters of the call-in Zen Tech Radio Show since 1999

Zen Tech Spirit HOuse image
Zen Tech Radio Show!

Informing  rather than advertising and facilitating rather than directing.
There are long standing projects or one-offs, with a client base of several hundred, some of whom live in other countries.

It’s fun to stay up to date and recent projects which you can see in  the  blogs, such as VHS tape transcriptions, drone-flying, time-lapse camera work,  Wordpress Websites,
custom Internet integrations, security research and tech journalism.

You can hire us to consult on simple computer recommendations all the way to full small office integration
We fix simple stuff and specialize in migrations away from useless or obsolete tools or programs.

Mostly it’s been what goes on under the hood, behind the scenes and in the basement of the Internet when there are odd woes with timely Email delivery or funky looking web pages or odd messages
Domain Name Service (DNS)  and Mail Server woes? No problems.

We worked extensively with GSuite AKA: Google Apps, AKA Google Workspace  right from the start, while keeping track of marketing trends in naming things : )

Something funky happening on the Internet?
Let’s  troubleshoot it.
Odd Error Message? Send it.
We Check.
Low priority Email inquiries are generally free.
Always we tell you beforehand where any cost is involved.

Also happy to do more mundane stuff like get you off Hotmail or
find useful free replacements for broken Outlook installations….
Microsoft Office ran out of steam? Specializing here  in non pirated free replacement integration
There are many smart friends and colleagues to refer you to when solutions can’t be found, by the way.

All main platforms: Linux, Mac, Windows, IOS, and Android are  dealt with on an almost daily basis, and specialization on open source and granted hardware and software provision is Us