IMAP Mailbox Move

Switching Email address?
Switching hosting-providers?
Gigabytes of valuable mail you cannot afford to lose?
You could use free THUNDERBIRD Email program and load it with more than one IMAP Email account, for each Email system you have
Then drag files and folders between the two- effective for low volumes but highly unreliable and requires a high level of attention to detail, double-checking and second guessing as it is you alone that keeps track of what you have and have not copied- The rate is typically about 30 standard sized messages per minute- Attachments can slow down or break the transfer : (

Best Strategy-
Backup your Email somehow, do some Housecleaning- Sorting messages by attachment size and try to kill of the largest offenders– you can detach important attachments like photos THEN delete the messages- Thunderbird even allows you to “Detach” attachments leaving the parent email behind without its attachment,

Sort By Subject
This will bring all the Mailing-List items into a group as they tend to share the same initial wording at least like 
“[Poodle Fanciers] Q: About miniatures…”
Sort by Sender. 
Whoever sends you all this cartoons everyday can be batched up and dealt with. Finally:
Empty Trash.

Art Of Logic specializes in large IMAP mail migrations using PERL scripts customized from the command line using by Gilles Lamiral. That site actually will do up to 3GB free at one go for you
(YOu are of course trusting your Username & Password to him while doing so 🙂 I use highly customized version of this script whose only size limitation is the transfer rate and time

We can move a whole office of Emails between hosts for you or between providers

In particular we can migrate you off ugh Office365, Yahoo!, AOL.COM and other vexatious troublesome hosts. 
It seems like you may have Downtime on your valuable communications– Not necessarily.
We can sync up your Email folders from our high speed colocated servers without interfering with your Workflow.
In fact, we specialize in moving everyone’s Emails into the likes of GMAIL, Google Apps AKA Google Workspace
Usually $5/mo per account, this is free if you are a legitimate NonProf 501(c)(3) for your whole enterprise. 
We can do this for you, too.





WordPress Migration

WordPress is a so-called content management system that is the public face of very many websites, over 50% of them out there now.

ArtOfLogic both moves sites for you and can create them from scratch for you.

WordPress software itself is free and does not belong to any particular platform or place, but is supported by a great many web hosts (the company that stores and displays your pages for you) around the world. While it is not rocket science in itself, using standard web technologies named  PHP page scripts and  MySQL database, typically it will be heavily customized by the web host themselves and also by the client (likely you or your designer)
with various plug-ins and artistic flourishes.

ArtOfLogic has been working with PHP /SQL for 20+ years &  has been building and moving WordPress websites for over 10 years, an increasing amount of this consultancy consists of helping people to move their entire website from one host to another as transparently as possible.
We stopped hosting such websites for clients ourselves several years ago because clients are better served by using major systems that have 24 x 7 support, high reliability and monitoring and multiple redundancies- at prices around $100 a year
Some hosts that shall remain nameless and notoriously difficult and expensive to deal with and some do not even have a real person to speak to on the phone. So we help you Leave.

The client remains in control of the new registration of their domain name, the domain name database service,
the hosting and the WordPress itself. For our  part, we make sure when it comes over that unneeded things are left out, and that several important tools are added to perform metrics and security, and that it’s all up-to-date
You have to keep the Bulgarians out while being able to measure your real visitors!

ArtOfLogic  do very little graphic design (We designed this site ourselves and it shows!) but can refer that out.
We also install themes of your choice with the caveat that these can sometimes be quite complex and involved with interesting layouts and behaviors. There are ready-made templates by the thousands, some of them free and some of them very complex and costly.
Over 8000 free right here:
The same goes for plug-ins – these are additional pieces of software that add functionality to your website such as photo galleries geolocation, weather reports and so forth.
Again, many but not all are free. See here

As a sidenote – because of understanding the underlying technology we will also perform the kind of optimising that makes your site attractive to Google and other search engines with settings that even a few years ago did not have a major impact – for example all sites now are expected to have a security certificate “https//” and a so-called site map which should be auto generated every time there is a change.
Google no longer wants to go looking for your Changes,
It needs to be told what you’ve done and when you have done it otherwise it will not bother anymore ‘crawling’ your site as it used to.  Here is our auto generated Sitemap, for example 
auto generated by a free Plugin named YOAST

Remember, that paying for Google advertisements is a poor substitute for being found as well as you possibly can be, using free, organic searches with metrics to help your decisions about advertising

Being found by Google is not black magic; It’s well documented how to make them interested in your site and we have been doing this for years. Only then should you consider paying for ads and be very sure that you are presented with the return on your investment if you hire a search engine optimizing (SEO) company- and oh-
Look for their Portfolio.
Whatever we do, we always provide the stats.

Your visit with us will wrap up by making sure the pieces are in place for the site to update itself regularly against break in attempts and mischief, which you are notified of by email.
If you decide to sign a contract we take care of all of this for you complete with reports every month. We also perform Uptime Monitoring. 

When we say Complete- we mean Complete. We also move your Email accounts if needed. To Google Apps / WorkSpace, for example.

We have specialized for years with nonprofits but will gladly work with almost anybody anywhere 🙂
(Google Workspace email etc.  is free to non profits- we help you do that up if needed) 

We also provide training- a fairly new addition to our services.


Join MJPEG videos from a CritterCam

Join MJPEG videos from a CritterCam
Ingredients: Intermediate I.T, Tinker-comfort, Google, and 
latest ffmpeg, Linux etc, Sample at End.

ffmpeg is command line only tool which may seem weird for video but, hold up- a lot of video tasks like the following lend themselves really well to scripted heavy lifting- as here. There are literally hundreds of options. The heavyweights- YouTube, Facebook etc use ffmpeg to transcode and process stuff automagically– No GUI for them!.. It is a major & deceptively powerful player.

About Critter-cams- you know, the ones that can record short video clips of  daily+nightly beasties when motion is sensed?
How to join these video clips? Same story for car DVRs- AKA DashCams- those devices routinely produce a large array of short video files,
often non-contiguous in timing. I assume there is No Audio – Yet.
Not sure what happens if there IS : )

I thought it would be fun to join them together after discovering the movie video format was MJPEG also known as motion JPEG.
it’s not particularly well compressed because the video only contains JPEG frames that are themselves compressed but there is no optimisation between adjacent frames. It does make it easy to split out single JPEGs or join them without loss and do other clever tricks like the following one. Join a whole lot together! How?

First of all– check that the clips really ARE in MJPEG format, 
This article will only describe how to join such simple files ‘natively’.

‘Real’ Video Files like h.264 & HEVC/h.265 require re encoding–
MJPEG format as here does not though, is simple,
and goes very quickly if done right. Let’s first of all check a single clip to see how it’s made by using ffmpeg without any output file specified:

$ffmpeg -hide_banner -i MFDC1354.AVI
Input #0, avi, from 'MFDC1354.AVI':
Duration: 00:00:10.00, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 3839 kb/s
Stream #0:0: Video: mjpeg (Baseline) (MJPG / 0x47504A4D), yuvj422p(pc, bt470bg/unknown/unknown), 640x480, 3867 kb/s, 12.50 fps, 12.50 tbr, 12.50 tbn
At least one output file must be specified

This is using ffmpeg without any output specified-
so this single clip  is a 10s one in MJPEG format, at 640×480 resolution Good!
I have eighty-nine such AVI files in one folder from about 2 weeks.
Let’s get ffmpeg to join ’em in sequence.
Rather clunkily, we need a separate text-file ‘running order’ telling ffmpeg which files to join, let’s call it list.txt; It’s expected to contain one file path per line- there woudl be 89 lines.  like:
file “FILE1.AVI”
file “FILE2.AVI”
you get the idea… Let’s automate that:

for f in *.AVI; do echo "file '$f'" >> list.txt; done

The list by default appears to be in  chronological file time stamp order, so be careful NOT to touch the create/modify date too much:)
In Case You Wonder:
$cat *.AVI >> out.avi 
will NOT work as each single file has ‘container’ data
(AVI in this case) that would also get jammed into the output where only the 1st 10 second header would be ‘seen’ and might just get played the first 10 seconds back, skipping the remaining 88 clips which it cannot ‘see’ as such : )

So. now Tell ffmpeg What to

$ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i list.txt -c copy all.avi

We now have a far larger MJPEG file with all parts joined and the size being the sum of the parts, and No Music.
Do try Playing the (silent?) output  Back before doing the Next Thing:

$ffmpeg -i all.avi -i music.m4a  -shortest -c:v libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p All_WithMusic_h264.mp4

This produces a highly compatible video file with decent compression, in my case 10x smaller with no discernible loss in quality.
 You might try “-c:v libx265” rather than h264 for super compressed HEVC video, in my case, 20x smaller!
But it will be 4-5 times slower and may not be compatible with HTML5 Web Streaming.
The “-pix_fmt yuv420p” I cannot easily explain, except that there are weird color artifacts if you do not add that.
The “-i music.m4a” does the expected thing- adds a music-track, which must, not surprisingly, exist with the right name somewhere : )
“-shortest” will stop the video AND audio  should the audio  be longer, otherwise audio will keep playing if it’s longer than the video with the last video frame frozen : ).
Some google searches seem to suggest a far more complex command line- Latest ffmpeg seems to understand the defaults things you mean to do, in the given order though,
and worked for me

My music happens to be in “aac” format- other types could be used, it will depend on what program will be used to play your video+audio back;
ideally of course avoid uncompressed audio formats like WAV.
Squash ’em nicely, first. : )
I find with Some Delight that the Music Metatdata- Artist, title etc may also get copied and exist within the output  file where tools like “mediainfo” can ‘see’ it.

I test my videos with wonderful VLC, by the way,
But Here it is through web based HTML5:

Moultrie Crittercam concatenated eighty-nine 10 second MJPEG clips over about 2 weeks into one h.264 Video 04:46  long compressed video with Music : ).
The icon at lower left is the moon-phase that this Critter Cam seems to know about : )

  • End.