Move WordPress

I move WordPress

and other Web accounts to completely new hosts

It will if so wanted appear at the new site exactly as it left the old one
Usually you will not need to change how you do things
You will log in to and use your WordPress exactly as you did before the move
Move includes any Domain Email you may have used including
any existing folders
You will end up with:
1) A new Name Registrar for your unique Internet domain
2) New DNS (Domain Name Server to point to the pages)
3) New Host to hold the pages
4) New installation of latest WordPress edition to manage pages
and plugins- If it’s WordPress you use. If not- I can usually move that too.
5) Some plug in cleanup, additional Security etc
6) ONE bill from the provider, all under one roof- Yours, not mine

My charge: initial estimate: $179

*note* this is the cost for a Move that you have NOT initiated yourself
Your Doing so yourself is of course Fine-
But the stepwise transition will not usually go as planned 
and I cannot guarantee no additional charges. The reason it is $179 and not $500
is that this is a timed and coordinated transition I have done many times that MUST be done stepwise and in full cooperation with the client and former host to get everything seamlessly under one roof so to speak and with nearly no down time.
YOu must please also have all tested and working Email & other account
details and passwords ready

Talk to me ahead of time if you have any concerns about these facts.
It can be a considerable Pain to recover missing passwords and can result in additional
time and cost!
About one week for some registrars due to registrar limitations
Generally zero though mail may get delayed by a few hours, usually none is lost or bounced
I turn on auto updates, auto backups
Additional fee for Google Web Kit Plug In & other plugins you may need want. 
I provide estimates, and this is OPTIONAL but highly recommended.
Likely your web person can do this- and should.
I can also manage the technology for a a fixed retainer or per incident. 
I do not design sites but can modify them 

Host charge: I choose IONOS.COM (but your choice can do)
for many reasons- mainly that
1) All their services are under one login one roof
2) Simple billing from them, not me
3) I found they have been extremely reliable over 10+ years
4) Real humans usually answer their phones 24×7.
5) Super first year deal saves you part of my fee
6) Vast infrastructure in Europe & the USA
7) In business 20+ years
8) Nothing proprietary, All Industry Standard services
9) Registration Privacy is FREE– Hides personal info if wanted

I used to Host pages myself but do not do this any more
I can move you to a host of your choosing too but there are several
that are horrible to work so I will not .
I can however help you get off them.
Here is looking at you, GoDaddy, SiteGround and a few others.

IONOS: Cost: First year: $12, includes everything!
Then: $8/mo + $12/year name registration
all billed & controlled  under one login, IE
under $120/yr after year #1, you pay them not me

I will need
All the log in informamtion for your existing system.
This is not given out to any 3rd. party and only used to sign in in order to copy things.
1) Domain Registrar login to release the ownership of the domain to a new host
2) Control panel or other log ins to control your hosting
3) Email account names and passwords
4) WordPress ADMIN login
Sometimes these log ins are combined that are possible under one or 2 accounts.
Additional time will be charged if help is needed recovering information.
I will let you know ahead of doing this

WARNING: DO NOT change anything in your name registration less than 60 days before the switch or it will get ‘locked’ til 60 days pass, against being Transferred.
If in doubt– leave it be and let me know.
The registrar ‘switch’ can take up to 7 days. This is normal. Sometimes faster.
You can change things after the move. My registrar in fact permits free registrar privacy where the public cannot learn any personal information about the owner which prevents spam and fraud, if that’s what you want. This is Good.

Questions? Let Me Know.