Windows 10 Tweaks

Maybe your Windows 7 is running out of steam.
Maybe you need to totally re install your whole machine with Windows 10?
After many years of deriding Microsoft, the release 1909 I am using (Meaning: 09th month of 2009)
SEEMS– with Tweaks- to have improved Windows 10 Security, reliability and speed, even  efficiency to the point it has overtaken its predecessor at last & is better than Windows 7.  In my Opinion.
Note: Upgrading operating system software cannot fix underlying Problems with your hardware, and it may or may not fix underlying operating system problems 

Firstly: all your important Data is safe somewhere off the machine, right? 
And you have noted software keys in case something needs re installing…
And if Upgrading– you have Checked it will go OK from Windows 7 to 10? Sometimes ‘unsupported’ only means the Company that made your special application won’t help you with it,


Remove all Antivirus/Antimalware apps. Turn On WINDOWS  DEFENDER. Antivirus companies have been known to resell your browsing and other data (Not that Microsoft does not but hey– centralize your information theft : ) )

  • This Update/Upgrade can use a lot of Internet capacity
    Avoid satellite or cell data plans! Get a fast link!
  • The Link below DOES provide a means to ‘burn’ the Update/Upgrade onto an 8+GB USB Thumb Drive which you could do at a place with plenty of Internet… Then you take that device to your Internet-challenged location. BUT extra bandwidth still gets used even so,  just a few GB Less : )
  • Get “Windows Update Assistant” straight from Microsoft and run it. That page also contains a utility to create an 8+GB ‘bootable’ or resource store of the Upgrade itself.
    Just follow the instructions
  • The initial download is SMALL but it will pull in BIG data when run.
  • It will also CHECK your system somewhat
  • Time. Can take an hour or 2 to complete even on the fastest Internet & machine
  • Existing UPGRADES do not seem to need a license key,  they seem to use the previous one
  • If installing from Scratch on bare metal booting for example from USB, SKIP the step that asks for a key unless you have one. Windows will funtion normally BUT lack some customizing features.
  • If asked, pick “Windows 10 Pro N 64 bit” (“N” means “No (or less) additional Bloatware due to legal requirements in some jurisdictions”-