Domain Mail to Gmail

[To Be Completed]

  • You Control a domain like
  • You want to be separate & usable apart from any other Email addresses you might have
  • Your page/services hosting provider provides you some Email boxes but they get Spam and are not very usable or otherwise unproductive
  • You would rather  put the email Via. Google’s GMAIL Email system yet maintain your separate identity and Email addresses .

If you are a registered nonprofit, you can get Google’s G-Suite (Formerly Google Apps) to do all this for free otherwise it’s not free

If you already have a Gmail account, follow these instructions.
If not, it’s worth creating one just for the Project. No other Email system I have found is as secure & reliable, and as spam-free  as Gmail for handling Email. In particular, flavors of Hotmail (Live.Com,, are to be AVOIDED as is- and especially– and its derivatives  SbcGlobal.Net, etc. are to be Studiously Avoided

  • CHECK your domain is actually registered and working, if it’s New. IE http://www.mydomain.con in a Web Browser like FireFox (This one is JUST an EXAMPLE!)
  • Problems? see if your doamin is properly registered ehre:
  • Visit your Domain Control Panel- This could be CPANEL, PLESK, etc. at this Domain Names Database called WHOIS 
  • Look for its Email Forwarding options. Ideally, you will NOT be using any of the provided local mailboxes, only forwards.
  • Let’s suppose you have  gmail account be SURE you can see its Emails NOW
  • Set a Forward from TO
  • Save or otherwise Commit this change.
  • Log in to as your “ilovethis” Account.
    Send an email to and it should show up BACK in your Inbox within a few minutes at
  • The TO line should show it was sent To:
  • Some domain systems can take up to THIRTY MINUTES to commit the change you asked for. Unusual, but possible. Normally it’s instantaneous. This is nothing directly to do with DNS propagation in case anyone says it is : )
  • If you Reply now, it will not go out as but as Here’s how to Fix it.


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