Google Domains and CLOUDFLARE

Google used to register domain names at
at about $12 a year. Just the Name. 

Early 2024 Goggle decided to leave the domain name registration business, likely due to FTC pressure as a Monopoly

In so doing they gradually divested & migrated Name Registrations to SQUARESPACE.COM. There is nothing much wrong with SQUARESPACE that I can see.

But I prefer CLOUDFLARE.COM as a powerful name registrar with a lot more services and capabilities – not least $10 a year not $20 (final annual cost) but this is the tip of the iceberg.

From user’s point of view, when this is completed, you will logon into 
CLOUDFLARE.COM with whatever the Email account was that you logged into Google Domains and can control things from there
Any Problem? Let me Know.

We  remain the tech admin to oversee what’s happening,
but we  do not ‘own’ your Domain Name Registration, you do,
and you can take it away or do anything practical that you want with it.

Important: this is just the annual registration of your unique NAME on the Internet- ‘hosting’, wordpress, Google Workspace etc will remain unchanged and you should  notice little or no other change

Cloudflare DOES have advanced free abilities that are turned OFF by default that I will be trying out on a case by case basis.
I did not turn these on by default as they can alter the behavior of your site- Usually, but not always, for the Better.

So I left them turned OFF– Examples are speed proxying,  browser checking, Denial of Service control, advanced metrics, etc etc

Any Questions Let me Know!


— P