Social Media & Privacy: Cambridge Analytica.

Thank you to the UNA of Nevada County for allowing me to speak at their meeting at UU on April 17th 2018! Recording to follow, I hope.
These are my ‘guide notes’. I am

Intro: Paule Castro:
* Kvmr Technology Broadcaster since 2000 with Glenn Far
* Internet engineer at nonprofit NCCN.NET Nevada County Community Network 1998-2001 approx.
Own Independent consultancy 20 years, called The Art of Logic.
The Talk: Issues:
– Before the Internet
– Early Internet Pioneering
– Early Privacy Issues
– Now
– The Future.

Part of the U.N. objectives include maintaining international peace and security,  promoting human rights, fostering social and economic development, protecting the environment, and providing humanitarian aid in cases of famine, natural disaster, and armed conflict. — Wikipedia.

The Internet:
You are the Product. You are being sold.
Will you buy it? Advertising & marketing is:
“The banging of a stick on a slop bucket”
But At its best it is informed useful information.

The Cambridge Analytica controversy:
itself stems from a 2014 incident that saw the American political consulting firm in question buy data of up to 87 million Facebook users from a researcher whose personality quiz app harvested information of 270,000 people who installed it
and all of their online friends, with the latter group not consenting to the surreptitious activity in any manner or even being aware of it.
Cambridge Analytica was also accused of leveraging that data to assist the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election but denied those allegations on numerous occasions and agreed to an independent forensic audit of its servers to prove it had deleted the data in question a year after obtaining it at Facebook’s request.

One central tension at Facebook has been that of the legal and policy teams versus the security team. The security team generally pushed for more disclosure about how nation states had misused the site, but the legal and policy teams have prioritized business imperatives, said the people briefed on the matter.

“The people whose job is to protect the user always are fighting an uphill battle against the people whose job is to make money for the company,” said Sandy Parakilas, who worked at Facebook enforcing privacy and other rules until 2012 and now advises a nonprofit organization called the Center for Humane Technology, which is looking at the effect of technology on people.

Big Picture: Privacy in General.
Medium Picture– your Internet Identity
Fine-Grain: Personal Data about You.
Latest: A Debacle or an Evolution?
What is Improper Use of Data – and a comparison of DRM

(Digital Rights managements) in books, etc. &

But is the data gathered of any value?

What is your Right To Be Forgotten?
What is your Right to Be Informed about political ads?
Can it be mandated?

How Hated Is Zuckerberg? His Security Detail

The UN keeps warring factions apart: can it handle cyberwars?

the NExt War is that in Technology

Tracking: Google Apps & Children