WordPress Management

WordPress runs 40% of all websites
the Art of Logic has managed web hosting in general since 1999 and WordPress in particular since 2010 as well as many other type of Content Management Systems and programming with

Art of Logic has its own servers for custom projects, 
but generally outsources reliable hosting at a maximum of $10 per month to services that respond 24/7 in case of technical woes.

We use best practices and established security measures and have no financial incentive provided by external services only that they are a reliable and long Term secure service.

We monitor and gauge speed and performance of the service level chosen to provide a reliable sloth free web experience.

We will negotiate a single hourly rate with you on contract
Our training rates are less and typically lower.
We use Remote Desktop, video conference
and in-person (diseases permitting) to conduct business

Contracting services with Art of Logic involves management and control of these services to maintain:
– Security
– Reliability
– Usability
– Functionality
– Reporting

We do not routinely make major graphical design or layout decisions although themes can be installed and cooperation with actual designers , but we don’t offer that as part of the package

Most features are managed with automated scheduled tasks to secure, check, update and log changes, logins and visitors
A principal Email Account & ideally a point person  is required 

There is a flat monthly maintenance  rate, typically an hour to manually supervise operations and generate reports for the client
Email support for non urgent work is generally included via support.artoflogic.com trouble ticket system. emergency reponse within an hour is aimed for 

Other work and calls are charged in 15 min increments
This can include research time and installation of plugins/extensions 
Clients can pre pay and have itemised invoices at the end of every month.

To move a site between hosts  takes up to 90 minutes with testing assuming all required access is available.

All passwords and EMail accounts used are required and if these need to be recovered or reset, that time is charged.
We also maintain the related underlying DNS
(Domain Naming Service) configurations, registration
and mail routing and infrastructure services
such as Google Apps/GSuite, etc.

We register and install critical Google Analytics account and Webmaster tools and plugins to properly gauge results. Non-profits are eligible for free Google Ad Words etc, but the initial setup can be tricky and time consuming. Ongoing maintains is somewhat easier. 
We try in these cases to provide a flat rate charge to completion.

Some work qualifies as actual Training rather than Support and we clearly make that distinction where possible, in other words, things are working correctly but need to be understood : )- We can Train in things with which we are familiar otherwise we will either refer it out or give an estimate for familiarizing.

We operate through a trouble ticket Support Site
and offer target “Levels of Service” where we will try to handle requests within 3 hours, depending on the priority of the issues.

Invoicing is 100% online and things done are clearly spelled out.
The invoices are typically itemized and issued at the end of every month with 30 days to pay

If a retainer payment is used, the invoice will show amount used and balance remaining