Smart Scan Documents

Use your SmartPhone’s camera  to easily share scanned documents.
This is not ideal for Photos:  (for that use “Google Photo Scan”)

These are not conventional photos  but rather, best suited to  manuals, documents, magazines,  receipts, business cards,
postal mail etc. as it renders few colors and high contrast.

It will produce auto scanned auto cropped parallax-corrected lit shareable documents in multi or single page PDFs that can be Emailed, Google Driven, Etc. It auto-scans, for example, multiple pages in sequence. Way easier than a flatbed scanner.
you don’t need an Evernote account to use it though you might consider that,

Get It:

Android (Samsung etc)

Simple Example

  • Lay out a few receipts or business cards etc on a plain surface
  • Start the App.
  • Try the tutorials– Or Skip ‘Em
  • For now, choose Skip Evernote Log in
  • Allow Camera Access (Of Course!)
  • Don’t need & should not use the shutter button
  • Aim the camera at ONE of the documents.
  • App auto captures and crops it- automatically.
  • If your smartphone has a ‘flashlight’ it may go on
  • Move camera to next ‘document’
  • It gets Captured, and so on, until…
  • You touch the blue CheckBox at lower right, meaning DONE
  • Touch the caption under the image-
    It May say SCANNABLE or PHOTO etc
  • Change the name to suit, IE: “Test”
  • Touch the icon to the RIGHT of the new title.
  • This toggles “PDF” or “Image” (IE a Photo).  Choose PDF
  • SAVE would put an Image in your Camera Roll. Don’t, for now
  • Touch SEND, you could pick EMAIL or….
  • SHARE which offers you whichever Apps are capable of accepting Uploads… Facebook, AirDrop, etc.
  • If using Message, best to stick to IMAGE not PDF
  • If you have GOOGLE DRIVE installed for example, you can Send There
  • Send yourself some tests. See what you Think. I love it!

    More Thoughts:

  • Evernote.Com create a Free account and use that for organising workflows etc up to a size limit then it costs.
  • Use GOOGLE PHOTO SCAN app to grab well rendered images of colour photos. This app is NOT for that purpose and reduces color depth and increases contrast.
    NOT what’s wanted for Photos!
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