This manual is intended for people who need to use FTP or
File Transfer Protocol to move files To and From their own PC MAC or LINUX machine to Internet Servers such as Podhawk, WordPress or Google Drive etc. It assumes you know roughly how to Visit, Download (Get) and Install applications and programs in general.

There are many programs that can do this, I use and like CYBERDUCK, available free from this link
Install that– “Run” it.
I will give an example of using it to move files to KVMR’s Audio Server My example is running on a MAC, the PC version is very slightly different but not much.
Go to “File: New Bookmark” and fill in the resulting box like so.
Your password is not needed yet.
You do NOT need to fill all the boxes in– Leave ’em be!

There is no Save or Apply, Just Close this window when done
This will result in a “Bookmark” or ‘location’ which you can re use every time you need to transfer files.
Double click on the resulting blue icon  (you can see it behind the Confirmation window here).
You will be asked for the Password at this point AFTER you confirm that this “Unsecured FTP Connection” is ok (It does not use Encryption as we are not moving sensitive data around!)

NOW you will see the transfer folder up on the KVMR PodHawk Server, there are the files illustrated in our Podhawk manual with three files in it.

To put files from your machine up on to the KVMR Audio Server, simply Drag your local SOUND file (an mp3) and Drop them onto this resulting window you see below.
Although there is no practical limit on file-size, which is why we are doing this, please consider your listeners and our servers- Most Podcasts are Spoken Word that need only max. 64 KBPS   thus about 32MB per hour, approx.
This is NOT a tutorial about all that, Mind You!

You will have full permission to add and remove files from this Folder above– anyone’s .. So your File will be MOVED into our main archive and OUT of this folder once you have successfully created a Program posting. even from someone else’s upload they may have told you about. People should not leave files lying around up there more thatn a few days- they need to be made into programs else Deleted.
Don’t worry– your Posting can be set to Draft until you are ready to Publish to the World!

If you made Mistakes, you can Right click (Or control-click) the File and DELETE it.

Final Note: the Program, although free accepts donations.
It can use DropBox, Google Drive and all sorts of other cool things, not just FTP.
I mention only a small part of the many things it can do
I welcome your comments.