iPhones/iPads. Etc.  can back up to iCloud.
How can you be Sure? Log In at
Used up free 5GB?
Stop Photos Backups and do it another way-
Google Photos, for example

Google /Android?Samsung etc.. 15GB free storage.
Check Here 

My choice of Apps for iPhones & Android (Most install on either)
Most will help my business and likely yours.
Google things need a free Google account. Apple needs an Apple ID

Google Photos  -Free. Cloud storage/backup of images. Thsi looks at the same database your Photos app looks at. It is NOT a Duplciate and adds features like WIFI Backup & Image Recognition.
Google PhotoScan – Free – Different from Scannable- Specifically for Photos. Multiple takes to crop, remove reflections and parallax etc.
Google Maps – Free – Log in & it remembers places you need & routes. Useful for calculating  mileage for tax
Google Calendar (Android+Iphone) – Iphone Calendar (Apple)
– Google App – Free- (Search in App Store) Looks like Google Home Page but with an added Button to Search for Images your camera taeks then tries to match Image against its enormous photo bank!

SCANNABLE from Evernote. Free. More than just camera software, it corrects parallax, crops and joins together images. It auto-snaps when it ‘sees’ a Document’s pages! Speedy.
Saves as PDF or JPG locally to share or send any way you like