FlipPhone to iPhone

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    Scenario: an old Pay-As-You-Go Fliphone, the LG-B470, and several like it needs its contacts copied off..
    This has a proprietary operating system, not Android and not any iPhone style, with an inexpensive month to month limited Call & Text Plan- It has 170+ Contacts on it- Wanted on a new iPhone.
    It’s possible to Backup these Contacts to the AT&T service somehow but I would rather the data was under my control!
    I have heard Stores of the phone company promising to do this and trashing the data. Sometimes they Get it Right.
    Besides– Why not screw it up yourself? Here is how to avoid that.

First I got the contacts off the phone using BlueTooth to a PC as a single .VCF file, a standard format useful to GMAIL, MAC Contacts, Outlook and more. Bluetooth is a short range wireless standardized technology. Being a Standard means it can work between various manufacturers who might not otherwise talk.
Not too much luck with a MAC though theoretically possible..
I have Windows 7 on an Older Toshiba Laptop with no BlueTooth hardware (look on your System Tray for the telltale BlueTooth Blue colored double diamond logo- Newer laptops have the hardware built in)
So I bought a $2 Chinese made USB BlueTooth Dongle Device. Plug it in and give it time and Windows will get in all the right drivers for you off the Internet eventually- several of them for the various BlueTooth things the device can do.

Fun Starts. have the PC Search For Blue Tooth Devices. (…)
Phone & PC should be a few feet or less between.
Have the Phone “Visible, Findable” which lasts 120 seconds (…)
“Pair” them both after a Search shows the Laptop’s Name in the list of BlueTooth Things (…)
with a passkey, (basic security, I use “0000”)
Now both devices are at least configured to “See” each other and are “paired”
You MUST set the PC to “Recieve Files via Bluetooth” for the Transfer to work. I scratched my head over that one a while. It does NOT start itself up!

on this particular phone i did THIS (…)