FTP Podhawk

[Under Construction]

This page is for users of KVMR Podhawk, the Podcasting audio archiver, publicly listed  at http://audio.kvmr.org/podhawk
It assumes you already have a  private log-In to that System
and already know how to publish shows..
Podhawk itself will be documented elsewhere.
With these instructions you can Upload (Send) .mp3 Audio file(s) AND gif, jpg and .png images up to the server to present and embellish your posting. Podhawk is an audio AND a visual medium.

The “Adobe Flash Uploader” can handle files up to 16MB in size,
this is where you should see [BROWSE} then [Upload] i n the image below…and even then may fail due to recent security issues.

If So, use “FTP” (File Transfer Protocol) which requires a separate program on your own computer to Upload (put) files up on the Podcasting system’s servers.
Here is a manual I wrote about one of them I use, CYBERDUCK

If you are familiar with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and use it already for something else, then you may not need CyberDuck
and the rest is simple:

Host: audio.kvmr.org
Username: podhawk
Password: XXXX
(No it’s not “XXXX” ! Several people know the password, else Email me: tech@artoflogic.com)

This will get your Files (.mp3 Audio or .jpg images) up to the Server, from where you use
Pod-hawk to bring them in to your Posting. For Audio component:

Podhawk Screenshot

In the PINK section above your own computer may not show what you see here, “Flash Uploader, Browse ” etc– This is the part that is not working reliably, that has been replaced with the FTP method.
DO NOT use Browse, Upload etc, it will not work correctly.

The end result of having sent up the files by FTP instead, is the same. You may see other files up there– Just be sure you know what yours
are called.

How to use CYBERDUCK, a Free FTP Program for MAC, PC & Linux, Here’s my manual again
to do the above if you are NOT familiar with FTP at all.