Europe Itinerary

I made a link typo! Fixed: It’s ITINERARY not ITINERY– Baaah!
My niece Lia is marrying Gary Blaker in Dubrovnic, Croatia.
WOWair, Icelandic air company, has great fares.
These things combined to make this trip not just likely but inevitable
Leave San Francisco June 24 10:24 PM  2017
WowAir via Iceland! Flight WW 162
Transfer Iceland to flight WW 814
Arrive London Gatwick 8:00pm Sun June 25 2017
Going to Neet’s
Depart for Dubrovnic Croatia with Lia’s Crew
RyanAir 7:00 AM June-29-2017
Villa Rent Dubrovnik Start
Lia Castro Married in Dubrovnik July-03-2017
Villa Rent End: July-05-2017
Balkan Ramble July 06 to 12+
To Zagreb for Dental Implants- Ideally nearer Dubrovnic, but the Capital of Croatia, Zagreb,  has More Choices.
Bus Dubrovnic-Zagreb overnight 6 hrs $33 apparently!
Cheap accommodations, Good Climate July, Apparently….
Depart  for London Gatwick July 12 2017
– Open Itinerary visiting Pals, drive to Nita’s in France? Spain? Moon?
– Visit Long Time Not Seen Pals!
– Possible Re Visit to Zagreb for Implant Follow-Up?
Depart London Gatwick Aug 14 2017 9:00 PM
WowAir Iceland Flight WW815
Arrive Reykjavik Iceland Mon Aug 14 11:20 PM
Depart Reykjavik Iceland Thu 17 Aug 16 6:30 PM WW 161
Arrive San Francisco Aug-17-2017 8:30PM
HOPING to then drive NORTH from California 500+ miles
to see the 2017 Total Eclipse in Oregon.
Then the Bucket list will be a little fuller, a little more- entertaining.