VCL VideoLan Movie & Sound Player

“VLC” is FREE from for PC, MAC LINUX and More
Beats, in my opinion, any other type of ‘media player’ like QuickTime, etc. as its super-compatible with anything you might get plus it has a wide range of features and tools.
It is NOT a Video Editor as such but can help you copy out sections of a movie to separate sub files – and even still frames. Examples are an hour long wedding video for which you only want the 60 seconds of the actual moment to send to friends- Not the whole hour ; )
Or that single video fram for a still that’s the only photo you will have of a long lost aunt!
Here i’ll talk about (and add a Video Tutorial presently) 

  • HOw to simply PLAY a movie or audio file
  • How to scroll rapidly along the full length of even the longest movies 10 seconds at a time or to anywhere
  • How to chip small sub video sections out of much larger videos and save them as seperate files of any length you want