Windows 10 New

So it’s a NEW INSTALL of Windows 10!
* Unbox and *CHECK* physically you have all the things you were supposed to get and that there’s no damage, etc. IN PARTICULAR- especially if it’s a Refurbished PC– Check the Battery Life.
You can often add a 3 year warranty even shortly after purchase  from the likes of Amazon even for a refurbished PC.
The battery is the most likely thing to be dubious or fail

  • Plug In (Surge protected strip, right?) Power Up/Switch On
  • DO NOT connect to any kind of WIFI or Network.
  • WAIT>>> Be Patient. 
  • Start answering Microsoft’s Questions. Skip or Lie if need be
  • All of the following Choces can be changed later, No Problem:
  • When Offered all those Privacy options I switch every one of them OFF without exception. 
  • If offered to Register by the Manufacturer (HP, Dell etc) I tend NOT to do that., it does NOT affect your warranty.
  • If offered Trial versions of Anything I ALWAYS decline them
  • When asked to Create an Account, I choose LOCAL ACCOUNT and DO NOT create a Microsoft account. I try to start with a BLANK or super simple password else you will be nagged every step of the way. Change to or Add a Good One  Later.
    This is why we did not connect the Internet at this point-
    to avoid a useless Online Account being forced
  • Connect WIFI or, ideally, a Network Cable now.
  • BRIEFLY check Internet works Okay and can get web pages. Don’t do anything else yet. Try these Internet Speed Test sites:: and
  • At this point do not add any Security Software (Antivirus, etc)- Windows 10 has its own “Defender” that needs tweaking but is more than adequate
  • INSTALL TEAMVIEWER– this is the Software that can allow a remote tech Access on Demand. It’s Free for one to one use
  • Run the Downloaded File you got; Answer the Questions but again DO NOT Create an Account and do “Allow remote management” etc..
  • Run the Program “TeamViewer” and If all goes well– you will see a pair of boxes: “Your ID” and “Password”. These are the info you give to your Remote Tech. Be SURE of who you are dealing with- there are a lot of Scams out there using these methods!
  • UNcheck anywhere it says: “Start With Windows”. This program is set to run only when YOU chose it. Exit the Program.
    It’s now Ready for your Technician to access.
    You & the Tech will see and can control Everything- Mouse, Screen, etc.
  • Exit it now, until needed right now. DO not leave ON Unattended.
    because there are a few more Steps…..
  • Before your TECH calls in you can save A LOT of time by getting Windows 10 fully Upgraded (As opposed to just Updated)  which can be very time consuming and is important- It will use A LOT of Bandwidth (1-5GB) so be sure you are not on some system that sets Limits like a Cell network etc.
  • the “Check For Windows Updates” options under Setup are not really what’s wanted as it does not always get the full “Roll Up” 6-monthly packages  which is that we really need
  • Check this Link.
    It is a small piece of software called “Windows Update Assistant”. YOu MAY need to Google for it and be sure to get it from a proper Microsoft.Com Website!
  • I have an upcoming Article about good software and tweaks, in particular as a decent substitute  for the Microsoft Office /Word/Excel/PowerPoint suite.
    Take It From There!