SiteGround.Com BS

I am moving a site plus name registration from SiteGround.Com to another provider
To move the Name Registrar one normally unlocks the name registry then you ask for an APP code- a Key to Release the Domain to another provider. This Prevents Domain Theft.
So Far So Good.

In doing so.. SiteGround Emails me:
“rejected the transfer request you submitted because of Initial 60 Days after ICANN trade” (ICANN regulates all Internet Name Registrars)  with no further explanation. Nothing. 
NOTHING was changed by anyone outside SiteGround since 2016,
So I thought.

Tech Support! a blizzard of Help screens promise to bring you to a Tech Support Chat screen which appears to Never Happen. a PIN number is Supposedly Offered to permit a tech support phone number which is never provided. None mention the Real Reason
The instructions to reach the Chat screen never appear.

An outside site tellingly called “PissedConsumer” reports
the tech support number. Call it, and you hear directions that send you Back into the same Maze on their Site, No Human Available.

I DO finally find- by using the Site from a Different Browser without the original Cookies I was logged in, that there is a CHAT screen for SALES!- Instantly! I ask what Tech Support is like.

She says: “Excellent!” so I say,  “Please put me through then”
and she does indeed instruct me to reach a Tech Chat FINALLY by wading downward through a set of Questions which assume you already know what’s wrong.
Their tech then says he must ask the Domain Registrar about it… ‘Email Answer in 2 days”. Great

Turns Out in the Meantime:
the Domain Registration that got renewed 30 days before is what locked it- this is regarded as a Change- (!!)
and therefore Locks moving the name for total 60 days.

I only found THIS out by wading through a lot of ICANN documentation and NEVER got provided the Info by SiteGround,,,
are you Kidding?

I have been doing domain registrations, moves and maintenance for 20_ years- Seldom takes more than 30-40 mins of actual work and NO need for Tech Support calls anyway–
And I had not seen the “Lock on Recent Renewal” come up before.
My cost estimate is blown away and will certainly NEVER recommend this Host (nor GoDaddy, for Similar Reasons)

Search for Complaints about the site and a great deal of Astroturfing comes up: Company Sowing Compliments to Spice the Pot you might say.
Yelp.Com has some tellingly similar comments. Also try BBB site. 
Interesting.  Who has time for this?
Tech support humans are expensive, bandwidth is not.
They might be a Better Service if they got More Humans…
And stopped the CyberSquatting

On moving site to IONOS one phone call of 5 minutes was all it took to iron out a minor problem,

Get Real SiteGround OH and STOP upselling your Basic service because it is ‘using too many cycles’ and then doubling their Cost a couple years ago. I call BS. It’s a small site.

This is bait-and-switch,
plus opportunism on the failure to move elsewhere


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