Moving Steps

This entry is about Moving a Website off one host onto another.

  1. Get all Contact details for the client; Send This Checklist : )
  2. Save & Mark Off completed Stages
  3. Get Consent from Site Owner & Former Host
  4. CHECK existing site for issues and errors
  5. Enquire about or AVOID anyone else moving any Parts
  6. Gather all usernames and passwords:
  7. For * Domain Name Registrar, * Host, *Email, * Control Panel, * FTP etc
  8. Name Registration should NOT be touched less than 60 days before Moving 
  9. Admin login to * WordPress if used
  10. Create NEW Host Account for site to move to (IONOS)
  11. Generate SSH/SFTP/SCP Login to Sync Data Over
  12. Launch Name Registrar Transfer (Takes up to a week)
  13. DUMP SQL database site.sql from old site
  14. Secure table prefixes (DO NOT keep “wp_” for Security!)
  15. take over & replicate BUT DO NOT CHANGE MOVED DNS servers
  16. Shorten TTL from 3600 mins to 5 mins ready for  Site Switch
  17. Modify Email DNS SPF records, SSL (Secure Site) & auto redirect
  18. Warn Client that site changes at this point may not Transfer.
  19. Wrap Up; NEVER us an admin login of “admin”. You Will BE Hacked!
  20. Hand Over Full Creds to New Site
  21. Get Okay & Bill


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