El Capitan MAC Install Error

A mid 2009 Macbook, launching El Capitan (OS 10.11.x) install from a bootable flash drive. Newer MAC OSX will not work on this older MAC. InstallĀ  gets most of the way then mysteriously complains:
no packages were eligible for install.

Also mysterious errors when trying Command-R Recovery Partition re installs.
Remade bootable Flash drives (Instructions elsewhere) and much more, many Trials and Errors.
I DID notice that the re install seemed to require Internet Access and did on couple occasions actually want an Apple ID for some reason during the re install. the conditions seemed to vary due to unknown factors but at one point I saw
“Checking Eligibility with Apple”

I later found that just like the IOS on iPhones, etc, a check-in with the Apple Mothership is performed, and some sort of Certificate is used to verify I really have an Apple, I suppose..
Someone out there noted there is a DATE problem with Apple’s Certificate- Or maybe the one in the El Capitan software.
The Workaround was to go into Utilities– terminal during the stage right before the files start to Install and using the Terminal Date command to FAKE A DATE WHEN El Capitan would have been considered Current Software. (I am guessing here)
So Here Is What Worked
date 0418171516
the ORIGINAL ARTICLE is here as well as many others that allude to this issue. You then need to RE BOOT and try again (Date should NOT updated despite Internet Access, but CHECK)
Depending on which particular version of the Apple El Capitan installer you use. the date may vary but it was originally released September 30, 2015 with half a dozen incremental updates.
No Luck? Mess further with the Date!
Once things are ‘happily’ Booted from the local hard drive is shoudl be possible to set the date normally.
Good Luck. your Comments are welcomed!

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