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This is Elon Musk’s low earth orbiting constellation of thousands of satellites.
To see if it’s available to you fill in your approximate address..
Then, To see then if it  can reach you where you live, get the App. from the site above onto your smartphone and use its camera to ‘look’ at the Sky- It will need at least a 100 degree clear sky view in a particular direction.
Not sure of the effects of trees leafing out later if you do this in Winter : )

Surprisingly easy to install, the base equipment as it is currently is a single small rectangular panel about 2′ x 3′ on a single pole.
You use the same App to Aim it.
You can pick up the ground station kit at Best Buy ot order it at the site, currently $600 as of post date and sometimes available refurbished for less – Speeds I have seen average 120MBps– Plenty.
Low Latency- comparable to Cable Internet,
IF you live ‘off grid’ it uses almost 100w of power in operation and more when de icing (!) but can be Turned On and Off with ease and even scheduled. Great design!