Commuting abroad

Here I am in Cancún Centro Mexico, where I stay for $20 a night in a small semi furnished apartment so that I can commute to the Hotel zone to get major dental work done

Just to show what we can do literally on the road I’m walking back from the bus station to my apartment, a 25 minute walk after a 30 minute bus ride this being the third or fourth time I’ve done it.

It’s been years since I commuted and the weird thing is that “work” consists of having sat in the dentist chair for eight hours very uncomfortable and sometimes in pain but all for the good…

I have not commuted or worked anywhere in years, having worked for myself for 20, is what I have done the last three days the way it is for most people? Feels like having teeth polled feels necessary feels in evitable?

At the very least this little exercise here shows it is possible to post blogs I’ll strolling along the road in the dark at 8 PM in a big city… And yes, I am using dictation which works quite well

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