So you take your tech show on the road to the likes of Mexico,
from wherever you usually work,
and assume the reasonable Internet connection will allow you to do everything you could do from home…

Not quite. The level of security involved with most things on the Internet now will make you a suspect as your usual access Is obviously coming from outside your usual country.

This Internet bureaucracy known as ARIN Assigns blocks of IP addresses to each country, and you will get one in Mexico if that’s where you are. If this is not where you usually are, your bank, WordPress, name registrar and anything of significance you want to log into will be most unhappy.

They never give the game away by telling you that this is true, you just simply find mysteriously that your password does not work or that they want to send you a text message to verify you…
To your usual USA number.

Thanks a lot, Xfinity Mobile, in spite of your blurb that doesn’t work out here Even though your site mentions it would do so at $.10 per message, Or they offer you a generous $10 a day. No thanks
iMessages? Yes. Plain Texts? No.

A long time ago I signed up for the free Google voice system which allows you to use an app to send & receive your USA texts wherever You are in the world.

I know this works because I use it with my friends but The banks etc. are not fooled… Yeah, they say they sent the text but you will never get it… Also those free webpages that allow you to use a throwaway number… Security software knows about them too

Basically no site that I tried that wanted to send text messages do anything except with blocks of phone numbers it knows belong to real cell phones with SIMs

Makes sense I suppose

None of this is helped by trying to use a VPN so that my activity appears to be coming from the USA… Using Nord VPN I found that every USA  connection I made always appeared to be in Miami Florida, and when I looked up the the  company that owned that block…
I find the address Block concerned was blacklisted in all sorts of places, and even resulted in Regular Google searches bringing up a capture challenge because, as the site said,
“we need to check your browser…”

Be aware that as a road warrior security wise you will never actually told exactly why or how you are being kept at bay.. Stuff will just Not Work Right, and if you push your luck, you could be completely locked out.

Same story with the Chip n PIN  and ATM cards… Never use the bank machine that is the type pick and pull your card into its guts and only give it back if it feels like- It Won’t

The type to use will always allows you to pull it back out yourself without a fight or breaking something.
..and does not pull it in itself with a motor

I personally think this is the most secure type anyway As it will be harder to trick the machinery with skimmers

Only way to do this Internet I suspect it to use Proxy Server or VPN back to one of my OWN machines ‘back home’-
So I really AM there. Sorta

This is a draft, that’s it for now.

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